You never know where there may be an Edventure lurking. Cities, Museums, Universities, after-school programs… build or play, there could be fun waiting in your very neighborhood!

The Challenge

Many informal education spaces like Museums, Cities and after school programs would love to have interactive digital content but their educational needs change constantly. Building digital content and getting a dev team to change it with each new class, exhibit and year’s updates is expensive and time-consuming. 

The Solution

The Edventure Builder is an easy way for organizations to create custom interactive mobile content and games and update it anytime with our simple text editor. Build scavenger hunts, choose-your-own adventures, interactive stories or responsive tours and make edits anytime. Collect your players’ responses to see what’s working for them. Green Door Labs’ ace game designers will help out with your first game and help at every step along the way.

Build or play now at

100% Customizable: Build a custom game for your institution with personal help from our expert team

Full Customer Support: Call us anytime from build to testing and through implementation

Analytics Included: See stats on the fly and share your game data with all stakeholders

A Bevy of Options: Create simple, linear games and interactive projects, tours or one-time competitions.

Content Rich: The Edventure Builder doesn’t limit the amount of content that you can build or the number of players who can play your game!

Ultimately Flexible: Sometimes your organization needs to run one more than one game at a time. The Edventure Builder will let you activate and deactivate your games to rotate content.

Customized graphics for your Edventure

Ability to include maps, images, and links

Access your Edventure from any device

Ability to include video

Personalized home page and URL

Perfect for First Year student experience

Real-time analytics of user’s responses

Unique user IDs

Unlimited number of Players

4 different types of interactive questions

Embed on your website

Access to player’s photos