Library Games Week

#LibGamesWeek – Library Games Week – a week dedicated just to librarians, mostly of the college and university variety, and the games they build and play.

VCU Webinar: Thanks for Attending!

Thanks to Rachel A. McCaskill, Learning Technologies Librarian and Jennifer A. Stout, Teaching and Learning Librarian for present their LOEX Kentucky presentation about their experience building a library game for incoming freshman. We talked about how to build your first game and test it, what the best methods are for collecting information and horses… lots of horses. (LOEX was in Kentucky this year.) 

Missed the Webinar? No problem! We’ve recorded it here for you to watch anytime! 

#LibGamesWeek Favorite Resources

BoHyun Kim, Associate Director for Library Applications and Knowledge Systems at University of Maryland, Baltimore, Health Sciences and Human Services Library, has written an excellent short book in ALA Techsource on understanding games and libraries. It’s a great, quick read and we highly recommend it!! 

Thanks also to BoHyun for sharing with us, this amazing gamified summary of life!

#Libgamesweek: Reading (about libgames) is FUNdamental!!

Librarians know the best way to learn about something is to read scholarly articles from verified sources, so we have a LOT of articles, posters and examples from other university librarians who have used Edventures and games to take some stress off of the craziness of Freshman library orientation, general library literacy and one-shot classes. Read on!

Come Play n’ Learn Workshop at the Harvard University Libraries

Thanks to Danielle Adams, Bohyun Kim and Aj Blechner for a fantastic workshop on library games at Harvard’s Lamont Library. After Danielle introduced the session to a full room of Harvard and MIT librarians, AJ kicked us off with a great talk on how games can be used for things from wayfinding to boolean searches in the Harvard Law Libraries.

Bohyun gave a great overview with examples of some of her favorite impactful games and spoke about why games matter to us and how they’re being used to improve library literacy. Kellian got the room moving with a game design workshop where participants chose goals, resources and restrictions at random and then had 10 minutes to create a game idea. We all had a great time and can’t wait for the next LibGames workshop!!

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