VERATAS is a game that students play on their devices in your library to provide an applied, independent, hands-on introduction to the most important physical and digital resources you want to highlight for new students.  The game’s superhero theme instills in players the value of library resources in their development as professionals and citizens.

The game is pre-built so that subscribing libraries only need to customize it!


We’re sure you’d say no if you didn’t have the opportunity to try it first. That’s why we offer free test games for all librarians new to the Edventure Builder. Click to customize, test, and play.


Using a customized scavenger hunt and research activity, students will demonstrate an understanding of YOUR answers to many common needs for new college students:

  • Locating physical library resources.
  • Learning the library’s hours.
  • Logging into the library’s computers.
  • The value of scholarly databases as reliable starting points for research.
  • Locating and differentiating between scholarly databases.
  • The basic use of scholarly databases.
  • How to print from the library’s computers.
  • How to contact the librarians and receive reference help.


In addition to students’ answers to the game’s tasks, there are questions assessing students’ comfort levels with your library at the beginning and end of the game, and all of this information is viewable for instructors within the game’s built-in analytics for further development of students’ information literacy skills.

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