The difference between a novelist and a dreamer is just ONE book. Do you have an idea that you or your team are trying to get off the ground? Are you swimming in possibilities and you’re not sure where to start? Work with Green Door Labs for just three sessions to get a handle on your options and determine your own “Do-able”!

Nobody knows what you didn’t build…

In three simple consultation meetings, we can take a look at the BIG ideas in your head and see what the first step would be to building your first prototype. After years straddling the games and nonprofits world, we can assure you:

  • An imperfect, iterative prototype is better than a perfect idea
  • There are two piles of resumes in the design world: “shipped a product” and “has never shipped a product”
  • People take notice of your idea when you have something real to show them

Green Door Labs has a replicable design process that has helped us design over 130 games with museums, libraries, nonprofits and cultural organizations from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Mount Rushmore. We can work with your organization or with you personally to make sense of your goals, resources and restrictions and determine your design parameters. Let’s work together to find a straightforward, actionable pathway to get your projects designed, created and delivered!

In just three meetings, we can work with you to deliverable a preliminary design document and production schedule!

Creative ideas need structure! Green Door Labs has a design process to let them to come to life!

What do you want? What do you have? What can you not do? Setting your design parameters shows you what your most achievable path forward is.