A Mysterious Telegram Awaits.

Dearest Adventurer, 
As is written in The Green Door, "True adventurers have never been plentiful -(STOP)- They who are set down in print as such have been mostly business men with newly invented methods -(STOP)- They have been out after the things they wanted--golden fleeces, holy grails, lady loves, treasure, crowns and fame -(STOP)- The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate -(STOP)-" 
Kellian Adams Pletcher,
PS: If your willingness to tempt fate leads you EXPLORE strange paths, you may find yourself in possession of a coveted Green Door Labs T-shirt -(STOP)-
PPS: So as not to be coy, I will admit: this is a game -(STOP)- The link to the game and the clues to solve it are in this newsletter -(STOP)- As you may have expected, you will find the game in the guise of an Edventure -(STOP)- GOOD LUCK!!! -(STOP)-
Perhaps you have not yet seen our Edventure Builder -(STOP)- Perhaps this is the time -(STOP)- Discover your long-lost old South Meeting House BFF at www.edventurebuilder.com/OSMH -(STOP)- Try to escape a room in UNH at www.edventurebuilder.com/UNH -(STOP)- There are always secrets to EXPLORE at www.edventurebuilder.com -(STOP)-
Kellian recently talked with Kate Emanuel of AdCouncil about the importance of games in learning, tips on how to start making games, and identifying what you want out of a game -(STOP)- Here is Part 1 and here is Part 2 -(STOP)- Take a look at why multiple choice quizzes are bad games... though they may come in handy elsewhere- (STOP)-
The New England Museum Association (NEMA) Conference in Portland Maine from 11/4 to 11/6, and we'll be there! Our friends at OnCell will be at the SouthEastern Museums Conference (SEMC) this year -(STOP)- If interested in setting up a media brainstorming session with us, contact here -(STOP)-

Libraries! O libraries what fun you have there among the stacks. Texas State University, Humber College, McGill University, Warner Pacific, UCal Fullerton and a mysterious, locked room in UNH… all great library edventures to explore, if you dare -(STOP)-

“The twin spirits Romance and Adventure are always
abroad seeking worthy wooers -(STOP)-” 
– O. Henry, The Green Door


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