Green Door Four – May Retrospective

Hello and welcome to the newest, latest, GMO-Free edition of Green Door Four! Did you miss me? We are starting something a little different with this month coming to a close. Instead of a weekly looking back, I will be doing a monthly looking back of four standout articles, links, reviews, puppy photos, etc. Please hold comments, questions, and concerns until the end. “All that looking back is no good for you” according to our chiropractor. Our spiritual guide said the same. Let’s begin…

Holocaust Museum, New 3-D Technology Bring Survivor Stories to Life

“…The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, in Skokie, is the first in the world to embrace an emerging, interactive technology that’s about as close as you can get to speaking with a survivor who’s not really there.”

Many years on this Earth saw humans passing down stories and history through oral tradition. A story like Beowulf would’ve been shared through word of mouth in such a way to frighten, to excite, to embolden, and to engage when appropriate. This past month, I read about this museum technology to preserve not only the accounts of Holocaust survivors, but their emotions, mannerisms, and whole being. When completed, people will be able to ask 3D visuals of survivors questions for years to come. This sense of one-on-one interaction is a whole new level of history. Read more.

May the Fourth Be With And looking forward to the immersive Star Wars Land

While I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, I admire the work Disney puts into making fans happy and immersed in a far away galaxy. With the recent May the Fourth Be With You and Revenge of the Sixth, we saw more talks of Star Wars Land, an immersive, new Star Wars experience that’ll allow visitors to walk around a remote outpost, interact with Astromech droids, pilot the Millennium Falcon, and more. This type of storytelling can add a whole new depth to the franchise. We are so enamored and fascinated by immersive experiences and the atmosphere it can create. I can only hope that everyone is made to feel like this Young Kylo Ren who received an unforgettable Stormtrooper escort last year through Hollywood Studios.

New ACRL Report Highlights Library Contributions to Student Learning and Success

Green Door Labs has the pleasure of working with some excellent, intelligent, and super fun Librarians at first-class Universities and Colleges across the country. Like Rachel A. McCaskill and Jennifer A. Stout of VCU who will be joining us for a webinar on June 12th!! This recent report from ACRL shows us and reminds us how important the library can be for a student’s success in meaningful learning. In working with Librarians to build interactive, mobile games on the Edventure Builder, like VERATAS, we witness just how impactful familiarizing students with library resources and services can be when engaging, interactive, and lively! How do you learn best? Speaking of Librarians…

Portraits Of Librarians Celebrate America’s Bookish Unsung Heroes

For Grades 1-6, I went to Our Lady of the Valley. In my time there, we had a library on the second floor. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy. Each grade would have a designated day to visit the library to return and check out a new book if desired. I always checked out books about anomalies, UFOs, aliens, mysteries, etc. The staple of the Library was not the books, but Librarian Mrs. Goodfellow. She always listened to classical music. When I listen to classical music, I think about her. She signed my 6th Grade yearbook! She wrote “K.R.” which stood for “Keep Reading.” She’s now 80 years old. I should send her a card.

TL;DR Thank your local or school librarian. They are probably pretty awesome! Click the title to read more.

BONUS: Students Leave a Pineapple in a Museum, Everyone Mistakes It for Art

So fresh. So modern. What does it mean? Click the image. I mean artwork in the Green Door Four.


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