The League of Extraordinary Bloggers for the Boston Children’s Museum and Freeman Foundation

The Boston Childrens’ Museum and the Freeman Foundation Asian Exhibit Series needed a digital companion to accompany 5 exhibits traveling to 40 Childrens’ Museums across the country. 

The Challenge

How do we include input from 5 partner museums and specific content on 5 exhibits from 4 countries in an interactive digital project? That’s a lot of voices… and a lot of content!

The Solution

We created The League of Extraordinary Bloggers, a game that kids could play on iOS, Android or mobile web. The detailed storyline took players on a Carmen San Diego-style journey across each country, led by a teen blogger with a very distinct personality. Players meet the character’s family and learn about their daily life but they also work together to solve clues, questions and riddles and track down the elusive “FOX”. 

The fact that our teen characters are bloggers means that they have to blog! We created a website where players read the blogs and learn more in-depth information about their favorite character.   Each partner museum was responsible for one character, whose personality they developers and whose blog they write  based on content from their own exhibit.

Play now at!

It was built on both Unity and the Edventure Builder so it could be accessed by mobile web and any web-enabled device.