Escape the Museum! The Curse of Hetepheres with the Harvard Semitic Museum

Escape the Museum was an immersive, interactive escape-room-based experience at the Harvard Semitic Museum and a new format for museum engagement. It was a digital/physical escape room for up to 75 Harvard students across three floors of the Harvard Semitic Museum. This experience used:

  • Actors
  • Objects in the Museum
  • Paper Guides, Clues and Props
  • A Text-Based App
  • The energy of 150 college students

Each floor had a series of 5 puzzles that had to be solved in order to collect sherds of broken pottery. Only when the pottery was assembled could the curse be broken but students had to collaborate with other teams to get the final answer. The goal was to get Harvard freshmen interacting in a positive way with a lesser-known Harvard museum.

Escape The Curse, Harvard Website